2 chooks 2 people? An what size house?


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guess those questions have been asked a few times, but before I swing into action and turn timber offcuts into a nice chicken hut I better ask.
Ok, we are 2 people, so 2 chooks shall do, one on its own will go mad?
House I think about 4 x 4 feet, nest box 1 x 1 foot?
Then I fence in a rather big area. Planted native grass, but neighbours introduced nasties are invading, so may as well the chooks tix them up. There is a small lemon tree, shall I include it or will the chooks kill it?
They are happy with grass and food scraps and then I just have to add some grain?
What about the calcium for the shells?


Hi Steffen,

Welcome to the BYC forum.

Are you in Australia? Just asking because you can grow a lemon tree. BTW citrus isn't good for chickens, so I understand. If your tree is established, I don't think that the chickens would harm it.

IMO 4x4 sounds nice for two...some of it depends upon how you configure it.

Some considerations-- I do think if you are keeping your chooks mainly for eggs, you will have enough eggs for 2-people with 2-birds. Here's where chicken math comes in. What if one should die? Then you would have a lonesome bird. Why not get 3 to start. I think 4x4 is roomy enough for 3. It sounds like they will have a chance to be out of the coop too, and that is a big bonus for the chickens, and the eggs.

Depending upon your choice of breed, and the egg consumption...(cooking?, baking? guests? gifts?) you will probably always be able to use excess eggs. You can even feed some of the eggs back to your chickens either boiled and mashed, scrambled or mixed in raw with their feed.

I had a gold-sexlink (hybrid of Rhode Island Red rooster and Rhode Island White hen) that could be counted on to lay an egg daily. I have some Barred Plymouth Rocks that lay an egg every-other-day. If you had two hybrids you would probably get 1-dozen a week. If you had two barred rocks -- you would probably get 7-8 eggs per week.

What we use here is available at farm-stores/feed stores and it is especially formulated food/feed for laying hens.

It sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you.
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Hi ChicKat,

yes, am in Australia. Can't you grow lemon trees in Texas, would be warm enough? The tree is established. Guess will not mind some chicken poo...
It will be s square house with a gabled roof, drawing it at present.
7-8 eggs a week will do, less trouble for the chickens, too. Don't know if I should get rescue chickens, would look to scary.
For the food, may check the hardware store.
Hi Steffen,

When my father was going to University of Queensland we lived in Australia. Oh, and our neighbor in St. Lucia used to give us lemons from her tree!!! wow, that goes back a long time.

I have tried lemon trees here...we have enough summer heat---but in winter we get freezes just often enough to kill most citrus. The only problem the chicken could possibly cause the lemon tree..is disturbing the surface if there are hairline roots there. If there is a mulch around the base of the tree--they will stir it up, cultivate, and fertilize. Your coop sounds nice! Rescue chickens can come back and look surprisingly well after they finish that molt that usually gets them kicked out of their jobs.

How neat that you are going to have chickens!!
Hi ChicKat,

still a long way to my new friends.
Lemon tree has mulch.
Yes, suppose once the factory chickens got new feathers there will be like new. And it will give them a new chance.
Heard they will be quite confused at the start, because they are not used to grass and all that...


Just as an add on, here is a video of some battery hens in UK-- what you were saying about their orientation reminded me I have it. ;O)

eta the link

whoops--using this mac and can't paste...why it does this I don't know...sorry. If you go to "my byc page" in the signature, and then go to the bottom, 'what I have learned since keeping chickens' it is number 10 in the list.
sorry for the complexity..... I'm Mac challenged...I guess.
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