2 Cockatiels And There Cage And Toys

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We are 'trading' cockatiels for chickens, so we have 2 cockatiels who need homes. I'll add a pic on 12/30/11 or tomorrow. They are $120 for each, I would like them to go to the same home since they are bonded but their both females so there will be no eggs. So sad. Just e-mail me
120 for each? Thats a little pricey. Not to sound rude but why would you get chickens if you cant take care of two tiels?
I agree with the price being high, even if they are very tame, you will have a very hard time selling them. I would say a cage, two bonded birds (assuming they are tame) toys etc. etc... is worth bout 200$. But thats just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions...

And to Pandapaws, I think that teils need much more attention then chickens (I know I have raised many rescue teils), so I can see how someone would wish to sell one(or more) animal to make it easier to care for. Plus maybe poultry is more there thing
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