2 Coops, 2 Roosters and Alot Of Ladies....


11 Years
Dec 17, 2008
Cleveland, Tn.
Hi all
I have been real busy getting my 2 adult pens all cleaned and ready for my 20 week olds that I got from the hatchery! some of the 20 week olds are starting to lay the real small eggs so I figured it was now time to get them all moved.
Once it was bedtime I moved half in 1 adult pen with 1 rooster and the other half into the other pen with the other rooster, which will give each rooster a dozen hens apiece

Now here's a question? When I moved the 1st batch to their new coop Blackie the rooster went nuts and started topping each and everyone of them right away
he got off his roost to do this.
Is this a good thing or is he gonna be a bad boy? Is this normal behavior? Is he over zealous?
In the other pen the rooster there just stayed calm and watched me move them in and he never got off his roost

Did I go about all this wrong?

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