2 day old baby chick, unstable, can't walk

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    Aug 6, 2014
    So we just received our chickens that we ordered from mypetchicken.com and they are two days old. When we looked in the box one of them was lying on the ground being trampled by the others. On the ride home we held her and turned the heat on so she'd be warm.

    She is unstable, wobbly and cannot stand or walk she just falls to the side and it seems that her toes are curling up instead if spreading out when she tries to walk.

    It also seems like she has a weak neck, she can't control it it seems and she tilts it all the way back and it's just like she's rolling her neck.

    We've given her water and she's drank a lot of it. She seems like she's getting a little stronger cause she can balance if we put her down a little more but not much and still can't walk without us bracing her on either side. She's ate a little food that we soaked in water to be soft.

    She wants to be with the other chicks but we have her in a seperate box with a seperate heat lamp so she won't get trampled since she just lies on her side. We've put some other sleepy chickens in her box and helped her walk over to them since she wanted to cuddle.

    If we put her down she basically just flops on her side sometimes on her back and kicks her feet trying to pusjh herself places.

    It is very sad to see. If anyone has any ideas on what could be wrong with her or maybe thoughts that she could get better please comment!! :(

    Thank you!
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    Welcome to BYC. Your chick is suffering from shipping stress or from being injured in shipping, and is probably showing neurological signs. Get some SaveAChick vitamins and electrolytes and add them to water, or Pedialyte undiluted, and start dipping her beak into the water as often as you can. She may not make it, but I would also give this liquid to all of the other chicks for the next 24 hours. One tsp of sugar added to a quart of water would help until you can get electrolytes. If you can revive your chick, then make sure her legs aren''t damaged, and that she doesn't have splay leg. I really hope she makes it.

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