2 day old chick not doing well

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    I recently had 2 of my 8 eggs hatch early on day 19 and I had to take them out of the incubator on day 20, one of the chicks was picking at the other weaker one so i separated them, now I have been giving the little weaker one egg mixture and sugar water every hour and it is not getting worse but not improving either, it wont hold one of its eyes open and can barley stand up straight and is breathing hard and making a clicking sound when he breathes. Also it tried to drink but its no where near the water. Is is also not eating or drinking on its own but it did drink one time on its own when it first came out of the bator. Is there any way this chick will make it?Iam really worried because so far these are the only 2 out of the 8 that have hatched and it's day 22 I must have done something wrong to get less than 40% hatch rate? The humidity is 70 and heat is 100.5
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