2 day old chick not opening her eyes?


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Sep 4, 2013
I just today got a few Easter Egger chicks from My Pet Chicken. Everyone is eating, drinking, and acting fine except for one. The one does not have her eyes open and isn't interested in doing anything else but sleeping. I have not seen her open her eyes at all since being placed in the brooder and the only time she drinks is when I dip her beak. She has been like this for at least 2 hrs, possibly longer since I have no idea what she was like while being shipped.

I am of course contacting My Pet Chicken about her, but I would like to help her if I can. Does anyone have any ideas for what it could be or what I can do?
Are you using something like sav-a-chik/quik chik and sugar water, I definitely would for her? I would keep dipping her beak and if you can use an eye dropper or syringe to get some liquids down her. Make sure she is in a good spot in the brooder (same area where the other chicks like to be if she doesn't move) It just sounds like she had a really rough trip, or she possibly had something wrong with her to start with that couldn't be seen at hatch.
I haven't tried save a chick but I can try that. I put Nutri Drench in the water for all of them when they first came because I heard that helps them deal with any shipping stress. It seemed to perk the other ones right up and they were running around as happy as could be, but it's not done much for her.

She is currently where all the the other chicks are and we have been dipping her beak once and hr to avoid accidental drowning her. She did have her eyes open and was moving around for a while but now like I said she's back to her old ways
Make a tiny bit of feed mixed with nutridrench water, and see if you can hold her and get her to take it. She sounds like she is pretty stressed from the shipping. Make sure she doesn't have pasty butt, and that there is a warm spot in the brooder as well as a cooler area.
I will do that now. My brooder is a decent size so she does have room to move to colder and warmer areas

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