2 day old chick -one eye closed

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    May 22, 2010
    after i got home from work today, i found that one of my chicks is holding (or it's stuck?) one eye closed. she is still moving around and eating and drinking and behaving just like the others. one of the other chicks has been an incorrigible eye pecker so far. she just goes straight for everyone's eyes and holds on for dear life. we separated her pretty quickly, but she definitely got a lot of good jabs in on everyone first. thus, i'm guessing my one eye chick probably suffered an injury from that.

    is there anything i should do besides hope it heals? the area around the eye looks fine actually. there is no visible crust, discoloration, or swelling. i'm gonna keep a close eye on it but would appreciate any further suggestions.

    i have some saline solution for people eyes lying around. can i and should i give it a couple dabs of that?

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