2 day old chick wobbly and walking on hocks.


Sep 13, 2019
Last chick to hatch had a rough time getting out. I think Part of the problem was sticky chick and that is improving but he is walking on his hocks and is frequently falling forward and even asleep, then his body leans forward and beak falls forward into the ground when he does that. He sits on his hocks a lot too. He is very wobbly. Will eat and drink when offered but not sure he is making it to the f/w on his own. This is our first time hatching and doing it as an educational thing for the kids. Wondering if there is anything to do for him.
I am not so good at explaining them, but would hobble the chick to help it, may be a slipped tendon, sore hock or any of the other injuries that can happen to a chick.this is shortly after hatch? could take em around 24 hours to fully get legs working and balance and they will be tired.

They don't have any slippery surface in the brooder do they? Is it flying up trying to get out of the brooder to perch? Make sure theres enough bedding if they do that to soften the landing for them.

This is my go to for leg and feet issues: https://sites.google.com/a/poultrypedia.com/poultrypedia/poultry-podiatry
Thanks for the help. Will get vitamins today. He hatched now about 72h ago. He is on pine shaving bedding. We have him in his own brooder so he doesn’t get bullied. He also has a small umbilical hernia but that seems to be doing ok. Additional info is that he took >24h to get out.

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