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    Oct 8, 2016
    Hello, new here.
    We are hatching our first batch of chicks and sadly one passed this morning due to many internal issues. However one of our 2 day old chicks was placed in the brooder and was walking and doing fine until yesterday and today. Baby is scooting around to get around occasionally. Wants to sleep a lot. But eating and drinking fine if u take baby there and let him/her eat while holding it. Very talkitive and wants to be social but has difficulty moving around. Very shakey in legs and body when picked up to observe. I don't think its straddle legged and I don't see any obvious issues. What do you think is wrong,also the runt
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    It's not really going to work to try to diagnose your little chick this way. What I do urge you to do is get some Poultry Nutri-drench, a super powerful nutritional supplement just for poultry, and give the chick a drop alongside its beak, then mix up some "weak tea" into its water.

    If your chick isn't eating, try crumbled tofu with the Nutri-drench sprinkled over it. Or minced boiled egg.

    It sounds like your chick may be a slow starter, and this will kick start it. Unless your chick has genetic issues, this should make a big difference.
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    Great advice. if this is the runt...let's back up a moment. ...In the last day before hatching, the chick has used up most of the nutrients in the egg white. On Day 17.5, the chick opens its mouth and starts to drink the egg white. This is the rest of the nutrition available to it before hatch. The nutrition in the yolk sac can be used if the chicks nutrients run short in the egg white. ..but nutritionally, the yolk sac has already been reserved for nutrition for the muscles and G.I. tract development.
    So... If this chick is the runt, it's very possible what you are seeing is a chick which has run low on egg white nutrition ( which is normal just before hatch). But this chick is just a bit needy and may be using the nutrition in the yolk sac to supplement it for energy. That means the chick is now at a deficit for nutrition to be used for muscle development and for the rapidly maturing G.I. tract. Get it? The chicks is using it's yolk sac nutritional reserves for energy instead of development. It needs a fast shot of very easily absorbed top notch nutrition. That's where the Nutri-Drench steps in like azygous said. It does not need to be digested. It mainlines directly into the bloodstream bypassing the G.I tract and helping restore to the chick the nutrition it needs. It will help support the immune system and help jumpstart the G.I. tract. Both of which are still maturing at this point.
    I get mine at Tractor Supply, the smallest bottle will do. In addition, add it to your chick's water. Make it look like very weak tea. For the 1st 2 weeks to get them off to a strong start. http://www.nutridrench.com
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    Oct 8, 2016
    Thank you for your advice. I have placed him back with the other chicks because he is motivated to move around when others are around. He gets to his food and water...well scoot . Lol. He walks on his hocks to move

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