2 day old chicks have fleas!

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    I was on vacation, and had my neighbor hatch some eggs for me. They hatched yesterday, and when I took them home today, they had fleas coming off of them! What do I do? They had a dog that is normally outside, inside, but the dog didn't make contact with the chickens. They've never been outside as they are only 36 hours old.
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    I've never had that problem, but if you want to avoid using insecticide on the chicks, using q-tips dipped in vaseline can be used to dab the fleas off if there are only a few here and there. You'll have to move them to an equally warm area while you treat the brooder with some permethrin spray. Let the treated area dry, add new shavings, set food and water back in with the chicks.
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    Are you sure they're fleas and not lice you're seeing? Fleas jump, lice dont.
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