2-day old hobbled RIR chick won't eat - HELP!

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    I just hatched out 8 on Thursday. One of my last ones was a RIR chick. At first, I noticed after 24 hours that he was not walking like the others. He just pulled himself around. So I googled "spraddle" and decided that was his problem. So, I took medical tape to his hips and hobbled his legs. He is now able to walk around, rather clumsily, but he can do it. NOW, his big problem is refusing to eat. Any suggestions? I have to dip his beak in the water and he just *accepts* this but does not like it. He has only drunk water 1 time on his own that I have seen. But he has not eaten anything on his own. I got an eyedropper and dripped room-temp milk down his throat... just a little since I don't know if that has complications... What else should I do? The others are all normal, he just likes to sleep and sleep. He is not blind like another chick I saw in the forums... I am worried since he is not gaining weight and refusing to eat... suggestions, please!!


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    If they hatched out on Thursday, the chick has only been out of the shell for almost three days... I think they can live on the yolk they ingested prior to hatching for about that long, so it might just be he's not quite ready to eat real food yet? I would just watch him and make sure he knows where the food and water are. Also, what type of bedding is he on? If he's on something small like pine shavings, maybe he ate too much of that instead of food? Maybe try putting him on a piece of newspaper for a bit? (Just make sure it doesn't get too hot from heat lamp). Not sure if this helps you any... it could just be he's one of those chicks that won't thrive no matter what you do.

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