2 day old Serama with possible eye infection


11 Years
Jun 13, 2008
North Louisiana
I have a 2 day old Serama chick that I noticed today had one eye stuck shut. I wet a qtip with warm water, moistened the eye really well, and got it open. A lot of yellow puss looking stuff came out. After that the eye looked normal & bright and stayed open. I just went and looked again and it is starting to stick shut again. What can I put on it? Not sure about Neosporin(sp?) on the eye. However I do have some Terramycin antibiotic eye ointment for my Yorkie. Could I use that?

You can see it in this photo. Chick 2nd from right.
I would wash it out again with some saline water or maybe very diluted salt water to get it really clean. I would use the terramycin. It couldn't hurt. It needs treated quickly before it get worse.
Agreed. Flush it out good with regular saline solution like you would use for contacts. Then get some terramycin. When you buy it, it may not say anything about poultry on the label, but it should work fine. I used some on my cat one time and it worked great. Just put some on your finger and cake it in and around the eye.

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