2 day old silkie fading


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May 12, 2010
Brownsboro, Tx.

One of my little 2 day old silkies is not doing well. I have given her Poly-Vi_Sol (no iron) and also mixed up some electrolytes. I also fed boiled egg yolk mashed up and covered with their medicated crumbles. She was hatched on June 1 and I picked her up at the post office around noon on June 2nd along with 9 other silkies. The first day all 10 of the silkies were very active well into the night. I have a red heat light over their brooder box and the temperature has ranged from 93 to 98 degrees. Whenever it would get above 95 I would move the light up to drop the temperature slightly. They all seemed more active around 93 degrees.

This morning I came into the room and noticed all the silkies were moving around and eating except for her. She was kind of leaning forward with her eyes half shut. I told my husband that there was something wrong with her and he thought she was just sleepy. I waited about half an hour and checked her again and she was pretty much in the same condition. I then gave her a couple of drops of the vitamins. When I set her back down in the pen she ran around a little then went to the waterer and drank and drank. She then pecked at some of the crumbles but I don't think she ate anything. I mashed up a boiled egg yolk and set it in the pen on a paper plate, then sprinkled some crumbles over it to get her attention. She pecked at it some. The other chicks attacked the food. Awhile later I checked her for pasty butt and there was some white urate ( I think) on her so I cleaned it. I have been checking all of them for pasty butt. I even got my magnifying glass to make sure even though I wear glasses.

I followed the Meyer Hatchery new chick care guide and gave them all antibiotic water with sugar in it the first day, then antibiotic water with no sugar the second day. Now, I only have ACV in their water.

Is there anything else I might try ? I'm becoming pretty discouraged at this point and have told my husband that she might not make it.
She seems to me to be a little smaller than some of the other silkies but they're all so tiny.

Thank you for this wonderful forum and any ideas you might offer.
Sorry you are having trouble. Sometimes some chicks just fail to thrive, which seems like it may be the case with this chick. It happens, you are doing all you can. Keep up supportive care and see if she might kick out of it, but know that she may not.
Thank you for your reply.

My husband tried to feed her a little starter mixed with warm water. She seemed to get a little down.

I'm watching her right now. She has her little forehead in the straw bedding they were shipped in. There's another silkie lying next to her. The rest are running around.

Sadly, I don't think it will be much longer.

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