2 Drake Pekins want to add a female


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Jun 7, 2011
Need some duck help!
I know there are questions already on the forum about adding ducks to a flock. I have 2 drake Pekin ducks roughly 5 months old, I would like to add a female. I don't have enough room for 2 females, I can only get one. I found a local that is selling some Runners, Anconas and Cayugas. Does anyone have some idea on how 2 drakes and 1 female of a different species would be together? any information would be great thank you!!

For the sake of the female, please don't do it. The drake to duck(female) ratio often recommended is 1 to 3 (or more). Two drakes and one female are very likely to end up with her seriously injured and/or dead. Harsh words, but I want to save you some heartache and a duck her life.

The only way I might get one duck in your situation is to keep them entirely separated at all times. The presence of a female nearby, however, may cause fighting between the drakes.

I hope we can continue this conversation a bit, maybe come up with some good ideas for what you would like.

There is a rehoming forum on BYC.
Thank you for responding. That's not what I wanted to hear. I've become pretty attached to my drakes so I'm not sure of rehoming, but of course our thought of getting ducks is duck eggs. We also had the thought of just keeping them as pets, which it may look like what we have to do.
I like the eggs, too, and I have also found that ducks - laying or not - are great for gardens. Their poop is the most excellent fertilizer! They eat weeds and insect pests. Their bedding has supercharged my compost piles.

And I understand about being attached. I decided early on that if my ducks were to stop laying, I would keep them for the above reasons.

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