2 eggs in the coop this morning

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    I noticed two small eggs in the coop this morning when I went to let the crew out. They were both crushed and no sign of the yolk or whites anywhere, so I believe it must have been eaten. I have several pullets that are at the age to lay and all of my others lay in the nest boxes (during the day). It seems strange that 2 eggs were on the floor of the coop... the chances of 2 new pullets laying on the same morning or night seems odd to me. The eggs didn't have a strong shell and were slightly different colored. I know they can lay anywhere, but it looks as they were layed while on the roost, right next to one another.
    Guess the biggest question is, will they continue to do this or will they eventually join the others in nest laying? I have a feeling the eggs came from my Comets, they're 21 weeks old now.
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    Sometimes a new layer will pop out two almost at once, had it happen a couple times with my pullets this year.
    Tho it could be two birds.
    They'll figure out how to let them go in the nests instead of wherever they happen to be.
    Can take up to a month for them to figure it all out.
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