2 FREE Blue & Black Bantam Cochin Cockerel & Rooster

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    No shipping. Pick up only.

    I have one 2 yr old black bantam cochin rooster and one almost year old blue bantam cochin cockerel available FREE. They get along very well, black roo is the boss boy. They actually have a 3rd roo in the same small pen they get along with as well, but I am keeping him.

    These are hatchery stock, but would be great to add to your flock for protecting the ladies, or for 4-H for your kids. My oldest DD has used the black roo for her 4-H project the past few years, but we have hatched a lot of chicks, and these guys need to move out to make room for the next generation.

    The black rooster is my avatar pic.

    I will try and get some more recent photos up shortly.

    These are FREE! I live in Monroe and would be willing to meet you part way if neccesary. I'd really like these gone this weekend if possible. Thank you!
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