2 free Delaware pullets in Sacramento, CA

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  1. TLM

    TLM Out Of The Brooder

    Feb 23, 2009
    Sacramento, CA
    Hi everyone,

    It is with sadness that I have to find a new home for my 'illegal' chickens. Their eggsong is just too much, especially when it starts before 7:00 in the morning! My neighborhood can handle the occasional loud cackling, but the eggsong before 7:00 is going to cause a problem with animal control. I would like to rehome them together and perhaps in the near future try to find a couple of laying hens that don't sing the eggsong.
    They are Delawares, hatchery stock, going on 8 months old and consistently lay an egg a day. I have had them since they were 2 months old and have not had any health issues. Pick up only.


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