2 Golden Sebright Cockerels Free to a Good Home in Delaware


Whooo let the chicks ooout? Peep...peep...peep
9 Years
Sep 10, 2012
Newark Delaware
2 11 week old Golden Sebright Cockerels - raised together and bonded. One has a cross beak (Ike) but is healthy and does well for himself. I'm presently getting the alpha one (Mike) adjusted to a no-crow collar but both are crowing. Ike tends to not crow unless removed from Mike. Unfortunately I can not ship, so local adoption only or a willingness to travel to adopt is appreciated. Both were outside until they started to crow so they've been indoors in a Florida room for about 2-3 weeks now and are getting used to fish tanks and "talking" to the cats through a door. Please message me if interested and I can also send photos.

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