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    Hi everybody! I've been hatching chicken eggs for some time now and have gotten really good at it. BUT, my friend just gave me 3 goose eggs, and I threw them in my bator. I have never incubated goose eggs before, and I know they are different than chickens. 1 never developed, but 2 are definites. So where should my humidity be at, and temp. And also I searched and read that I should be misting them or something. PLEASE HELP!!! [​IMG]
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    Hi! Are you using a still air or forced air incubator?

    In a forced air incubator, for geese, the temp should be at about 99-99.5 deg (drop to 98.5-99 the last 3 days)

    Starting at around day 4 you can start spraying the eggs with lukewarm-warm water and cooling them for 15 min a day up until day 27. Some people believe this is the trick to hatching geese, but some people don't spray and cool at all and get great hatch rates.

    The humidity should be at about 55-60% then raised to about 75% the last 3 days.

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