2 head chickens, 1 loosing weight

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    Oct 21, 2019
    I have a small flock of 7 chickens. There have always been two queens. They both still have their dominance but one is picking on the other. The one being picked on missing some feathers near her head and has gotten really skinny. This is the first time I've seen any ranking between these two, they have been together since chicks. I don't know what to do and how to get the one to gain weight. Please help!
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    Jan 3, 2019
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    I would try adding another feeder and water to make sure they both can eat and make sure the roost has plenty of room and see if things settle down.
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    How old are they in weeks or months?

    How big is your coop and run, in feet by feet?
    Dimensions and pics would be most helpful.

    How are you ascertaining that one is 'skinny'?

    What all and how exactly are you feeding?

    Sorry for all the questions, but all could give clues as to what the problem might be.

    Oh, and...Welcome to BYC! @Kelliebarros3
    One more question:
    Where in this world are you located?
    Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
    Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
    It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!

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