2 hens for the winter

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    Aug 10, 2016
    Northern Illinois
    I have 2 hens I got in August. They are pretty well feathered. Today it's down to 25* here in northern illinois and I'm a mile and a half away from Lake Michigan so it feels even colder. My question is will my 2 hens be okay in the winter cold together for body heat? Or is there something I have to do to keep them warm? My wife keeps telling me to bring them inside the house or into the garage.
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    Feb 3, 2016
    25* is not too bad but how cold is it at night? How cold will it be at night next month? I would listen to the wife. Some breeds are very cold hardy. Some aren't. Why risk it?
  3. suburbanchickn

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    Aug 10, 2016
    Northern Illinois

    I have orpingtons, and its currently 25* right now and it's 11pm here.
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    If they are in a coop that is well ventilated (yes, that means having some openings to let moisture from breathing and defecating out), blocks the wind, and keeps the rain and snow off them they'll be fine. If you bring them in now you might as well plan on having house chickens for the winter. Personally, I don't want the smell or the dander in my house. I have a Barred Rock hen who has gone through a hard molt, was traumatized by a predator, and in general looks pretty tough right now. She is in the coop roosting all by herself and it's 21 degrees here. Heat is harder on chickens than cold is. You'd be doing them no favors by bringing them in.

    ETA - Orpingtons are a good, cold hardy breed.
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    I agree! Leave them in the coop. My Buff Orphingtons are the toughest, cold hardy birds that I have. If they can roost in the coop, or the run, they'll roost in the run. I think they get hot in the coop. I live in North Florida and it was 29 degrees here last night. They'll be fine with the proper shelter and ventilation outside.

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