2 hens sharing mom duties?


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Jun 18, 2008
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So I had a buff orpington go broody and my 8 yr old son was really wanted her to hatch some chicks. At the same time I had an almost wild leghorn go broody and sit on a clutch OUTSIDE where she got rained on more than once.

Anyway eventually leghorn gave up so I added her eggs to buff orps clutch.

THEN a few days later errant leghorns DAUGHTER started to sit on eggs with buff orp as it was now a LARGE clutch and they would releive each other so they could go get food and water.

So they started hatching on friday, I currently have 5 and will have more I am sure. SO buff is now sitting on eggs and leghorns daughter looks after chicks. BOTH are caretaking of chicks. I brought food and water in coop for orp. She told babies to eat/drink.

No today the oldest 2 are 3 days old and leghorn daughter took them outside coop. Other 3 stayed inside under buff.

Then leghorn daughter brought chicks back in coop and both hens will allow babies to snuggle under them.

It beats all I have ever seen especailly since thIS leghorn never laid a clutch she just decided to be the aunt/ast mommy. Is this common? This is only my second hatch of home growns.
I have had 2 leghorn mixes sharing a nest and unfortunately the eggs weren't viable or they kept getting cracked so I bought a couple chicks to put under them, well one baby was weak and I got a replacement so I would still have 2 chicks for them. I just put them under them last night and they are happy just sitting in the nesting box with babies under them. I have a friend that had 3 broodies hatch out chicks and have done a marvelous job with teaching them and caring for them. Sounds to me like you have some extra special Momma hens there. My Momma leghorns are not even 1 year old yet either, not till sept so quite young still. My leghorn hatched out 5 chicks last year under the coop. Wish you lots of luck with your broodies.
I have three Brahma hens that all hatched around the same time. One squashed her chick and her other egg was no good. The second one hatched one egg a couple of days later. She and the first hen started taking care of it together. I was amazed that the mom allowed the other one to get near her baby! About three days later the third broody hatched her two chicks. Now I have three moms and three babies. At any given time the babies are under one, two or all three hens and the hens are all very protective of the chicks. They (and I) are so mixed up that I have no idea which chick(s) go with which mom!
I have two sister Belgian D'Uccle bantams who were sharing mommy duty since the eggs were about a week into incubation. The chicks are 3 weeks now and all are doing wonderfully. They get along well with my Silkie hen, too. Everyone has been together the last 2 weeks as the Silkie was just crazy wanting to help.
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Here's a picture of my trio of mommies. It was dark so I just pointed the camera and hoped for the best, so it's not a great picture. The mom in the middle is the one who actually doesn't have any babies, but they all share. By the way, the babies are Black Copper Marans chicks, so they are all technically foster-moms.


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