2 Hovabator 1602N Still Air Incubators and a GQF Automatic Egg Turner

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    Up for grabs are 2 Hovabator 1602N wafer still air incubators and the automatic turner that can handle 41 eggs. This only includes chicken egg turning trays as I never purchased any others. I have incubated duck eggs in these turners without problems. WAY too big for quail eggs though. These have been used and one of our cats LOVED to pick at the styrofoam when the eggs would peep so there is some damage to the styrofoam but it in no way interferes with the use of these bators. I had to buy a hard cabinet incubator because the cat is so foolish [​IMG] . Anyway I have cleaned these carefully the best I could with bleach water, sunned them well to get them to offgas. There is an incubator tray in one of them, the other only has the styrofoam bottom. The hardware cloth screens are present in both of them, in other words, they are ready to rock and roll!

    I use one as the primary incubator and then adjust the humidity and temp on the other to use as a hatcher, this system worked well for me.

    I can only ship to the lower 48 and shipping will be via UPS ground so figure on 5 business days for delivery. I will accept paypal only on this offer. If you are going to the Northern NY chickenstock in October at Sonew123's place in Onchiota, and if you dont need them in a hurry, I will wave the delivery charge and hand deliver them for you. If you dont want them shipped you must pay for them up front to reserve them! Thank-you!!


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