2 Kid Friendly Male Pekin Duck Need Re-Homed

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    Nov 27, 2014
    Our Ducks are 1 1/2 yrs. old. They have blue eyes and know their names. They've been raised as pets. However, we also have a little Mallard Male who is our "baby". We lost all but one female and now the Pekins are upset. They don't let the little guy near the female.

    They were free range until an Eagle decided our yard is his hunting ground. We have a pond, but they prefer baby pools. We keep them in a large, fenced area. In the cold, we coop them with the chickens, but they don't put themselves to bed like the chickens do.

    They are friendly and good with children. Their names are Bill (get it) and Jack.

    Fuzzy, cute. They need to be rehomed to a farm. We love them, but right now we have the little guy in the house for his protection. So, they need to be with other similar size ducks and they need FEMALE companionship :) We'd get more... but we have to keep them penned up most of the time now and it is crowded.

    This is their baby picture :)


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