2 lavender silkies

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    These 2 came from my lavender pen. They are white in color, but are lavenders. You can read what was wrote on the lavender silkie thread. I believe they are a pr, but no guarantees on sex at this age . They are around 3 months old.(sorry they are dirty !! they've been outside)

    part of what was said:
    White is almost always recessive in silkies, and can pop up in virtually any variety. Newer varieties are more likely to have it pop up than older ones. If both parents were lavender, the white offspring should be pure for lav, even though white prevents it from displaying

    I am not responsibly for the birds once they leave my hands, and do not replace if something unfortunate happens. The buyers must understand the risks of shipping birds

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    They are beautiful birds! I hope these Silkies go to a good home
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    [​IMG] I wish I could take them!

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