2 Little Chicks in Southern Ontario


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7 Years
May 13, 2012
Advice, please. A neighbour girl bought two chicks at last Sunday's Fall Fair. She was keeping them in a taco box in her bedroom until she realized yesterday that they might need more. So, I have 2 one week old chicks in a dog crate under a heat lamp in my hallway. I also have 4 three year old Leghorn mix hens. I'm worried because the weather here (Southern Ontario, Canada) has been cold, some days as low as 12C/50F with the nights even colder. We've never had chicks, our hens were adults when they came to us last May. How long will it be before they can join the other hens and how do I safely acclimate them to the weather, which is going to be harsh - fast? Thank you!
The chicks can go outside when they are fully feathered, which for most breeds is somewhere around 6 weeks old. As far as acclimatising them, I'm not sure. I'm usually against adding supplemental heat to the coop, but they might need it. On the other hand, it may throw off you other hens and make it more difficult for them to venture into the cold. Maybe an outside brooder with a lamp? Good luck.

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