2 month chick all of a sudden lethargic and weak, having issues with walking. Coccidiosis or vitamin deficiency?


Jun 6, 2021
He's a two month old easter egger, one of three chicks that my hen hatched. The two others are acting completely normal, and he was acting healthy up until the past few days. He has been showing the following symptoms:
  1. Puffed up, hunched over
  2. Lethargic/acting sleepy, stays in same spot most of the day
  3. Weak, doesn't walk or stand up without stumbling or falling over
  4. Curled toes but not all the time
  5. White runny poop, no blood
  6. Eating and drinking when I put it up to him, but he seems to be losing interest. I've been feeding him chick starter and been trying eggs.
  7. Chirping at times
  8. Sometimes perks up and will eat a bug or tries to stand up
I checked him over for pasty butt, he appears to be fine when I checked him over. Comb doesn't appear to be pale I don't think. He has only been with the two other chicks that hatched along with him, but I've separated him after he started acting sick. He mostly sits in the same spot all day, he was acting a little more active yesterday but today he hasn't been doing much. I know the treatment for coccidiosis, but if it is a vitamin deficiency I don't know what would be the best/cheapest way to treat it. Here are a few pictures:


I would start with Corid.
Liquid Corid dose is 2tsp per gallon of water given for 5-7 days as the only source of drinking water.

I would also direct dose her with undiluted liquid Corid at a rate of .10ml per pound of weight once a day for 3 days - this is in addition to her drinking the mixed Corid water frequently throughout the day.

If you have vet care, that would be best.
I always deworm before starting the antibiotics treatment. It's a habit I started several broods ago that has cut my losses very significantly, but of course it is because there are abundant worms where I live.

At first sign of illness like this, I wait until they are in bed at night and borrow her from her mom for a minute to administer 2 drops of Ivermectin with some water, and return her to her mom to sleep. That is the only one time worm treatment I have to give a young one like this. Then the following night I may begin antibiotic treatment, if it's even necessary.
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I've got a similar little cockerel afflicted. I'm treating with vitamins E and B and will see what happens.

I'm hoping it's not mareks.
Thanks for the replies, he unfortunately died this morning. I'm assuming it was coccidiosis since he went downhill so quickly, but who knows.
Sorry about your chick.
Do you have more that are this age?
If so, consider gathering some poop samples to have tested to see if Coccidiosis is the problem.

If you lose more chicks in a short period of time, getting testing/necrospy will give more information. If you are in the US, you can look up your state lab here https://www.metzerfarms.com/PoultryLabs.cfm

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