2 month old chick dead, now older hens showing same symptoms?

Billy Mahone

Oct 15, 2020

One of my younger chicks (2months old) died yesterday and he was not very active and had some fluids coming out of his left eye.
He also seemed like he was struggling to breath. I found him dead few hours later.

This morning, i noticed 2 of my hens (one of them, the mother of the chick who died) and a 4 month old cockerel appear to be also struggling to breath at times and do a sneeze of some sort?
They don't look very active to me this morning and seem sleepy.


Any help please?


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
You have had a number of threads over the past about chickens with various issues, such as coccidiosis and tremors. A couple were about chickens with a swollen eye, runny, eye, sneezing, and head shaking. Those all can be signs of a respiratory disease. Respiratory diseases can be from viruses, and from bacteria. Mycoplasma is one that causes those things, and it is passed from one chicken to another, and passed through hatching eggs. It cannbe treated by certain antibiotics, such as Denagard, Tylosin, and tetracyclines. In Australia, do you have a vet who can do testing or a necropsy to look for what you are dealing with? Or one to prescribe antibiotics?

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