2 month old cochin - ??


Jun 29, 2018
2 month old cochin/Easter egger mix - only successful egg hatched under a broody mama.

Been outside since day one with the flock - very bold, unafraid, pushy and chases other babies that are a month older.

I was thinking “girl” because of the complete lack of any waddle but now I don’t know.

Yesterday s/he discovered their grown up voice and was strutting around the yard very proudly and puffed up.

This morning s/he grabbed a 3 month old mille flier d’uccle by the neck and jumped on top, a la mature rooster style.

Is she just an alpha girl or is this going to be a rooster?
One method of asserting YOUR dominance is to walk purposefully around him, and never walk AROUND him... force him out of your way when you're going about your daily chores and don't back down. In chicken language, this tells him that YOU are boss, and he's under your authority. If he's stubborn, a switch from a nearby tree snapped on the ground next to him will punctuate the message.

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