2 month old pullet is overheating, but won't stop sunning herself!

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    So my girl started showing signs of overheating today (it's only 83 degrees out, yeesh!) -- panting, wings drooping and held out to the sides. She walked around in the sun like this for a bit, went to the shade, then came back out again, looked ok and started sunning herself. Yes, you heard that right -- SUNNING herself. She went right back to panting and drooping.

    I brought her over to the shade and made her drink some water, dunked her legs in some cool water, which helped. But now she's back to sunning herself and I'm afraid she's going to start overheating again! What should I do with this little sun worshipper?
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    Apr 11, 2013
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    I wouldn't worry about her. Chickens aren't terribly bright, but I doubt she'll give herself heat stroke where the is shade available. Is she really just lying in the sun, or is she dust bathing? My hens dust bathe in the hottest, sunniest spot in their run at high noon on sunny days - they do it so often, they've dug themselves a bath tub - but the dirt they shovel onto themselves cools them off.

    Just make sure she has access to shade and water.
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    Thanks, definitely sunning. It's her favorite pastime, much more than dustbathing. Thanks for the reassurance -- I was wondering just how far she'd let herself go!

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