2 month old, stunted growth, potential paraylsis in 1 leg, dehydration, death


Apr 12, 2015
We had a wonderfully sweet Porcelain D'uccle chick, Gargoyle. She passed away on 5/24/15, at about 8:30 pm, in my arms. When she came home she got pasty butt. Treated for that and she seemed to be doing well, except that she wouldn't grow. We moved her out from the month old chicks and put her in with the day-week olds. She was doing better, she had taken up the number one spot on the pecking order with the younger guys. We kept her with them until recently when she began showing signs of illness. She was completely removed from the same area as the other chicks. At 2 months old she was really small, smaller than the 1 month olds. She became lethargic and couldn't/wouldn't move one leg and would not eat or drink. Tried feeding and watering with dropper, but she passed in arms shortly after. Just wondering if anyone might know what this was and how to treat for future, if it should happen to any of the other birds.

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