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    Apr 5, 2012
    I have two muscovy drakes about 4 months old, and they are the most cutest things. The problem is we would have liked some females for the eggs, but thinking getting females might cause tention between the brothers. Could we get two ducks or would the drakes just like to be alone together. Thank you for any advise Cheers Naomi
    p.s One of the drakes had a sore leg we gave him anti biotics and it is getting better, but are muscovys prone to getting leg problems, as our other drake had the same problem but healed before we got the anti biotics.
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    Your correct add those girls and tension will start lol I have 3 drakes ATM... not planned.. the other two were supposed to be hens, obviously that failed.

    I have 5 hens.. so my ratio's are off.. the drakes do fight, especially the younger pair .. they are fight over dominance and who gets "the girls" I need to get rid of at least one and may end up getting rid of the other.. i intend to keep one however.

    I believe two drakes can stay together just fine, with no girlies to fight over they should be able to establish a pecking order & let things be. General thoughts seem to be at least 2-3 hens per drake of coarse the more the better..

    As for legs? hmmm no.. i admit i have one of my juvenile drakes with a touch of limp but it's only hurt because of the antics we thoroughly checked it out and there is no sign of massive injury just a strain, no other drake has or had an issue, my oldest turns a year old in less than a month, of coarse they are weighty birds(drakes especially so) and no doubt they could injure a leg more easily than some other breeds..
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