2 Natural Products for first aid for all pets and humans

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    Sep 14, 2007
    I have been using for years the following products.
    Schreiners Herbal Solution and Emu Oil.
    Those of you who have horses probably know of Schreiners already.
    Though now it says not for use on humans on the label - (where years ago it had no such labeling) a nurse many years ago told us about it for our dad who - due to diabetes had a hard time healing sores on his feet. After loosing digits due to constant infections we started using Schreiners and after 3 days he got the healing results he needed.

    We lost dad a few years ago to a doctors error but I recently went thru foot surgury due to car accident and the stitching areas were blistering and remained an angry red. One of my sisters reminded me of the spray. I searched and I found my old bottle. I figured after 5 years in storage it was best to get a new bottle so I did and within 1 1/2 days the redness was gone and the blisters were 1/2 the size. I have since used it on our pets with great results! It will sting for a few seconds but it quickly goes away.
    The emu oil helped the extreme dry skin caused by the cast, and the softening of the skin on the foot as I get back to learning to walk again.

    For those who are interested I love WolfCreek.com. Great natural remedies. The people are always ready to answer any questions.
    I love their Giardia & Coccidia remedy. We tried 2 rounds of vet meds on our new Keeshond pup with out results. One round of their- Kocci Free- did the trick. They also recommended Food Grade DE for poop eating...did the trick!!!

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