2 new peachicks, what meds? and injured foot m. 4 yrs


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Summerville ,SC
Hi all. Hope you had a Happy New Year.
I bought 2 green juv.'s yesterday. My husband and I felt uneasy about the condition of these.
We gave them some Tylan?, it was given to us by a different breeder.
We split the amount 1/2 for Mr. Peacock, he hurt his foot. We put him in a pen..

Thanks ahead of time.
The greens are up front of the house and so they are 250 ft. away from others.
What else should I treat them with? The man said he uses Ivomec, but he fed them layena b/c there is less loss.
They are now on Med. Purina. I also wonder if I should do anything else for Mr. Peacock, 4yr. old male BS
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