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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kressg23, May 16, 2008.

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    May 12, 2008
    Hi All,
    Well, we're getting close to finishing what I've been calling our chicken mansion and will be moving our 8-week-old bantams out to it tonight!! For those of you who are veterans to this chicken thing, I can assure you that you'll be like :eek: when I post the finished pics of it. More about the coop later, but first, last night I bought 2 baby RIR chicks. They are about 2-1/2 weeks old and just the cutest things ever. I have them in a clear rubbermade tote in my livingroom. When I let the Banties out to play last night, they saw them (they were safely inside with no way the bigger chicks could get to them) and my Black Dutch Roo was freaking out!!! He walked around that tote for about 20 minutes pecking the side and ruffling his feathers. The other 3 found them soon too, but were no where near as offended of the new family members. After a short time, Rico my Roo, calmed down and didn't seem to be as threatened.

    I have a couple questions though. How big will my Banties get when they are full grown, and at what age are they technically "full grown"? I've got Black Dutch and Blue Silkies. And next, I fully intend on keeping my new babies safe till they can fend for themselves with the Banties, but at what age would be okay to combine them? Since their tote is clear and the bigger ones can see inside, I've thought about putting them out in the coop without taking the top off the tote so the bigger chicks can see them, but can't get to them. Any suggestions?

    Also, to my knowledge, Rico is the only Roo I have so far. None of the others are old enough to tell. I *think* my Silkies are hens too, but I can't tell at all. They don't have combs at all, but have just recently developed some very dark red wattles. Is there a way to tell the sex of my RIR babies?

    My shipment of buff orps will be here on June 25. So, I'll have to do all of this again when they come. It's so fun to have chickens, and my 3 daughters are just in love!!! Which makes me wonder... for those of us who are big ole saps, how on earth do you raise a chicken for meat? I seriously don't think I can do it.... not that I planned to, but everyone is asking. lol
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    Oct 13, 2007
    My bantam hens are about the size of an 8 week old standard.

    I just added my babies to the big girl coop - and it went rather smoothly. I let them all free range together for a few days and there were no issues.... my roo hasn't touched the babies, he's looked at them a bit ODDLY... and surprised me the other day when I threw in treats, he did his little treat call and one of the babies came up and snatched it right out from under him.... he didn't do anything, I guess he is used to the big girls doing that, and thats the reason he makes his call in the first place.

    My babies have safe zones in the coop and in the run, where I made an enclosed area with a small opening - the bantams can fit in as well, but they're not being too mean.

    I have a total of 8 standards, 4 bantams, and just added 4 babies, the Rooster is also a bantam.

    You will have to wait a little while to tell if your RIR are boys or girls.... by 8 weeks you should be able to tell.

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