2 New Silkies to the small Silkie Group

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by BooBear, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Conroe, Texas
    Found a local add in Craigslist for Silkie chicks and she had same color chics, Blue n Partridge.
    So I bought 2 new chicks to go with the 3 that I hatched. They are all around the same age and took to each other pretty quick.

    I got 1 very tiny blue chick and 1 partridge chick. I hatched 2 blues and a partridge already. Rita was the smallest chick but now it is Blueberry. Blueberry is very spunky and quite a little pistol. She is showing she can toss her wee weight around pretty good. The new patridge has more defined chipmunk strips than my Lola. He was not sure about the others and was a bit shy. Hopefully he will perk up in the next few days. I could not think of a name for him yet; but I will be watching to see what pops into mind.
    Shrek welcomed the new guys and then began showing off so that they knew he was the boss of the brooder. Shrek is the oldest (by 1 day) and always watches out for the others. He has already taken on a protective type role for them which I find very endearing. If he is a he I think he will grow into a fine Silkie Roo.



    Shrek has already taken up for the new partridge chick when Lola was being a bit rough. Shrek stepped inbetween them and then gently groomed the new guy to let him know it was ok. Lola is Shrek's favorite and follows Shrek everywhere. Rita now has a new tiny buddy it looks like in Blueberry. Both Shrek and Lola seem to be fascinated by the new partridge chick. His colors are sharp compared to Lola's.

    In the second picture Shrek is the large chick on the left end, then the new patridge chick, Blueberry, Lola, and Rita is walking toward them. Yeah I noticed Rita has a dirty bum. [​IMG] (just when ya think you got a good pic)
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  2. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Conroe, Texas
    Caught Shrek dust bathing in the crumbles much to the dismay of the others. He was having a good time with his crumble bathe.[​IMG]
    Lola did not like it as she wanted to eat so she stood there peeping loudly at him. It was funny.
    Changed the crumbles for fresh crumbles and put the top of the feeder on to prevent any further food bathing.
    This morning gave the Silkies a bit of scratch and some sand on a frisbee for Shrek.

    This group is much more comical to watch than the wyandottes. Shrek is such a character.
    The new partridge is now Frankie.
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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Very cute chicks and fun story. Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
  4. Irene

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    Jun 25, 2008
    Hey Boo-bear from Conroe.... I live in Conroe, TX also, and also have 5- 3-4 week old silkies. Hello!!! well... I bought my silkies, one of each coler, at Conroe Feeder Supply, and one had a horrible case of pasty-butt, which resulted in her being growth stunted. It took us 5+ days to correct. So, we separated her/him and when we went to put her back in with the others, she got picked on badly. Removed her again, and went down and bought one more smaller silkie like her to put in with her, and now she is not the only lonely. But, I still have the issue of what am I going to do, down the line, when the smaller 2 catch up in growth with the others that are looking and sounding really good, and everyone is ready to leave their brooder and be placed in their own coop together? Will the smaller 2 still be picked on? What's your thoughts? Hey, I just love to talk chicken.... We have 3 dozen various breeds and guineas. They are all named and spoiled. My biggest problem is trying to take a vacation. Who do you have to look after yours? Let me know.

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