2 new weekend coops


10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
The covert coop I made for small birds or turkey babies. Inexpensive and easy. Furring strips an old jute rug to give a dark corner to and keep the North wind and sprinklers off the birds.I love it when I see innovative coops on here and it inspired me to see what I could do on the cheep and with items in the garage already
And then I made the red bard coop to replace an old dark corner coop. It has 63 bucks into it,a drawbridge like ladder system and was easy to make.




All bungee hinges since I had a spool lying around and I don't deal with raccoons here, and I separated the nest box area from the rest inside with shade cloth since it gets so hot in Florida they get a little more air flow.
Where could you possibly be that you don't have to worry about dealing with raccoons? They're everywhere...
Beautiful coop and setup! You're doing chickenwire (not hardware cloth) because racoons can't get to it?
I keep 2 traps baited full time and only seem to catch possums. Coons haven't found me in 3 years.
I hope your luck holds! A raccoon could get through that chickenwire in a few seconds. Whatever you're putting in your traps it would need to be more appetizing to a raccoon than a fresh chicken dinner.
I wrapped the whole coop in wire and cut it away from where I didn't need it. No Raccoons in the neighborhood so far. Guess I'm just lucky. Up the road where I have my big pen with chickens and turkeys is another story. For 6 months it was like a feeding station till I trapped and electrified the varmints into submission.I could always run a hot wire here if the situation ever calls for it. The traps have marshmallows in them and the Raccoons always seem to have a sweet tooth over chicken

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