2 New Welsh Harlequin drakes!


9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
I finally got 2 drakes to go with my 3 hens that I hatched this spring. 2 drakes and 3 hens may seem like a bad number, but I actually intend to separate the drakes most of the time unless I want hatching eggs - and when they're NOT separate, they'll have muscovy hens to molest too....

They are from Metzers. Thanks again for Vicki2x2 for these guys.
I really like them! They were well behaved at the rabbit show where I picked them up. They've been following my girls around dutifully. My hens were TERRIFIED of the scary things when they first arrived, but they now tolerate them. The 'scovies and geese were not pleased, it was funny to see the drakes running ahead of a line of curious and slightly territorial muscovies/geese. They quickly settled in and are doing well though, once initial curiosity wore off. They've been free ranging and seemingly are doing well. I'm assuming that they're following the hens to the food dish, but if I don't actually see them eating by tomorrow I plan on herding them to the feed so I can make sure.


Wow! Those guys are gorgeous! I never would have thought those were from Metzer's. I have noticed the quality on their WH seems to be getting better and better. Those are some of the nicest drakes I have seen from them. Good for you! They should make good breeders.

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