2 of my beloved Hens dead after Permectrin treatment for mites!!! :(

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    I am soooo angry! My 2 most favorite chickens ( we have 12) have died after we discovered they had mites and the man at the feed store recommended we treat with Permectrin. First we power washed the whole coop till it was sqeaky clean , we took the chickens out for a day and then sprayed it with the Permectrin solution as directed on the bottle. The next day we treated the chickens by spraying them under their feathers with a few squirts each ( it called for 1 ounce per chicken) . The next day they were STILL. Crawling with mites but 1 of my chickens seemed sick, could barely walk and died 48 hrs later! The next day another chicken same thing. And what angered me the most is the mites didnt die but the chickens did! WTH??!! Has this happened to any of you before? I thought this was safe and I know we mixed it right. This was our first time using this as we are new chicken owners as of Febuary this year...thought we were doing everything right as our chickens seemed very happy and healthy! Help anyone!
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    Well, I'm not sure to do about the birds being sick, but I can tell you that to get rid of the mites you can go to Tractor Supply or another farm/feed/garden store and pick up some Sevin 5% Dust. It's in a red container. Dust the birds with it, either by putting some in old nylons and using the nylons as a powder puff all over their body, or by filling a small bag with Sevin, putting the bird in leaving just its head out, and gently shaking the bag so the dust goes all around the bird. I like the nylon method and I've done it myself so I know your birds won't die.
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    Sounds like spraying them directly with it did them in. The active ingredient shouldn't be that toxic but uses petroleum distillates as an emulsifier/solubilizer so the "inactive" ingredients may actually be more dangerous than the active ingredient. They do say not to inhale it or allow it to contact the skin (for humans). Who told you to apply it directly to the birds?
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    Quote: The label says it can be done:
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