2 Oriental Mix Breed Chickies - Upstate New York - Pick Up/Meeting

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    Mar 16, 2008
    - Mid-September 2009 hatches [exact date unknown]. Hatched by two broody hens that shared the same gigantic nest and took care of each other's babies for a little while before I had to remove them because of the roosters becoming an issue, so I do not know exactly which one is the mother, but it could either be the Silkie/Onagadori hen, or the Silver Phoenix hen, both of which are bantams. They are obviously mutts, as you can tell from the photos.

    - They come from a Pollorum tested and free flock. Their parents, both mothers and fathers, are show birds and blue ribbon winners in 4-H and Open Class competitions, as well as crowing contests and even costume contests, haha.

    - Very sweet and friendly little guys or girls. I would prefer they go together, but if someone would like just one, I'd suggest you private message me and we'll make arrangements somehow. They are not noisy, spazzy, and enjoy being held. They'd be perfect for a family oriented farm or anything of that nature.

    - Not sure if they are male or female yet. I do the 'wait and see if they crow or lay an egg' test. Sorry, but if you get a roo and don't want a roo, I'll refund you and take him back.

    - Possible fathers: Silkie/Onagadori roosters, one gray, one black. Silver Phoenix roosters. Black Sumatra rooster.
    - Possible mothers: Silkie/Onagadori hen. Silver Phoenix hen.

    - Pick-up or meeting place only. I don't believe in shipping living animals. Again, I apologize, but that is how I feel. However, I will meet anyone that's willing to travel a bit, make arrangements to visit you yourself, or even have you come to me -- whichever works. I am located in Ticonderoga, New York (Essex County) and yeah, that's the real kind of 'upstate' New York. Haha.

    - More pictures below!

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