2 Paint Silkie Cockerels

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    I have 2 Paint Silkie Cockerels for re-homing. They are both about 4 months old. They were vaccinated against Marek's at 1 day old. They are both very healthy. They come from good lines I just need to downsize my flock. One has red spots showing on his wings. I am not sure if he is considered a Red Paint or not but he may be fun for someone to experiment with if you are looking for a project color. The other one has black spots and some off color in his hackles. Both have 5 toes and correct combs. Local pick-up is available in Southern Md. Sorry I will not ship. First pic is of Champagne/Khaki colored Roo, 2nd and 3rd pics is of the Paint with red spots coming in.
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    Still have them?

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