2 Pairs White Bantam Cochins- OH/PA line

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    Feb 12, 2008
    I will ship - I have pics but Didn't want to post as they are of the Birds In Show Condition and they have been in the breeding Pen - I have two pairs - they are both just over a year - laying They have never received ratings lower then 1 (they were in 3 shows) - I have decided not to do cochins and need the space for new stock --I will take 50.00 a pair plus 55.00 for s/h . I drive a 40 mile RT to ship from PA -I will ship as soon as here in Ohio we have two days of 40 degrees. these are good quality birds despite having been in the breeding pen- I also have an extra Roo that I will add to either for 15. 00 extra shipping cost-Paypal or Postal Money Order - I am in Hubbard Ohio(44425) which is next to Sharon PA I ship from Transfer PA
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    Stephenville Texas
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    Sep 19, 2007
    Darn, I am only about 41 miles from you. I don't suppose you have any less nice hens or pullets? I spent most my chicken budget on eggs. I'd love to get one or two more hens or pullets...

    Nice to know there is someone close by!
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    Feb 12, 2008
    this is pretty much the only laying stock I will be selling this year- I had a bad hatch year -- what I would be willing to do is meet you half way for drop off - the roos must go with the hens - Since I am not doing this breed at all - I am also trying to avoid an eggbid auction-Meeting you would make them way more affordable and i'll give you the extra roo - These are unrealted pairs and the extra roo is not related either.

    Red for their age and quality this is an excellant price- I will try to post pics if my daughter gets over here with her camera - the show pics do not demonstrate being in the breeding pen - to show these they would need reconditioning - I do not want to misrep them and if your state requires health statements etc..I just do not have the time -
    I am starting the show season March 1 st.
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