2, possibly 3 eggs in one day?!

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    One of our hens that has always been a steady egg layer has been laying beautiful eggs, and did so again at the very latest we think, last night, then this evening we found her up by the feed bin looking a bit shocked, and a softshell egg behind her. Turns out it she just laid it as it was really warm. I left her there to get the other hens in and feed them, then went back for her - she'd moved around a bit but still acted shocked, my husband had stayed with her and said that she was following him then sat on the ground - but kept walking while she was sitting and laid another softshell egg, this one she ate immediately, and though I know it's a really bad habit to let them get into - I didn't stop her as she seemed starved and producing nearly 3 whole eggs in about a day, I was more worried she might have exerted herself too much.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this or has heard of it, and what may cause it?

    x grove
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    She should be wormed and checked well for lice/mites. She also needs extra calcium. She can eat oyster shell or even egg shells.
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    It sounds like she had a hiccough in her reproductive system. Eggs passing too quickly. Things like this may be caused by the hen getting a fright and it may be due to disease. Keep an eye on her and if she does it again contact a vet. Hopefully this was just a slip-up.
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    Poor chook - she must be exhausted!
    I wouldn't worry too much if it doesn't happen too often, I've got 3 girls and very occasionally I get 4 eggs a day from them. It doesn't seem to do them any harm.
    Right at the beginning there were a few soft shell eggs, but it seemed to sort itself out. (They have free access to oyster shell, and they free range all day). However, I had to give them a course of antibiotics last week, which I added to a daily dose of oatmeal. This completely threw them off balance, and I got a completely shellless egg every day for a week. (Laid overnight while they were perching, and once outside, as if she'd been caught by surprise!). Since stopping the antibiotics and oatmeal, things have returned to normal - 3 lovely hard shelled eggs every day. [​IMG]
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    Thank you so much - all of your experience is invaluble! I will make sure we check for lice, worm and I'll top up her oyster grit.

    Update: she laid a normal egg the following day.
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