2 possibly 3 roo's need a good home RIR, BR

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    Sep 26, 2007
    newville pa
    Hi all, I have never posted in here like this, but I got some lovely "pullets" a few months ago, and it turns out, suprise suprise, that I think I have one for sure, maybe 2 roosters. One is a lovely barred rock...curvy tail feathers, he is also getting big, and has hackle feathers making an appearance. The other is a possible RIR roo....a little slower on the testosterone making itself known...but I am seeing some tail feathers that are curving a little bit and there are some with hints of dark green.
    They are lovely birds, but my chickens live in a run, and 2 of my girls are 8 years old and I do not want to subject them to being jumped by a rooster.....not at hteir age....they have had a peaceful life.....I also don't want them to live with the hens in run where they can jump them all day...we can't free range, so I don't think it would be fair to the girls.
    So....I need to find a nice home for these boys....I live in central pa...near harrisburg and carlisle.
    Thanks very much,

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