2 Pure Araucana cockerels and one EE Ameraucana

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    Three standard size cockerels for sale to good homes. I have two true Araucana roosters and one Easter Egger Ameraucana. The Araucana's are both pure bred birds but not show quality. They are rumpless and tuftless with willow shanks ($25 each). They have a lot of yellow and red on their feathers. They are the first two birds pictured and look very similar to each other. The second one pictured has more red in him and has less yellow in his wing. These two would be great for breeding with your tufted Araucana hens. In my experience, Araucanas tend to be mellow and friendly birds.

    The EE Ameraucana is mostly black with some brown coming in. I think he is going to be a lovely boy when he is full grown. His feathers have a beautiful iridescent green. He has nice black muffs on each cheek and a beard. He is $15.

    These boys were all hen hatched and raised. They are healthy and are growing into beautiful birds. I can't keep them because I already have two roosters and do not need any more. All three boys came from large blue eggs, not green. See egg pic.

    (FYI: The roosters are not at all aggressive, but to keep them that way, it really helps to handle them and hand feed them so that they do not think you are a rooster yourself. Only one of them has started crowing and he is already trying to mate with my hens.)

    Our chickens are free range and eat only organic/non-GMO feed from Cascade Organic and Scratch & Peck.

    I can send pictures of their fathers if you would like. I may be willing to make a trade of some kind. (Please not for dinner.)

    Call or email Tania at 360-570-2132
    Olympia, Wa
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