2 questions : 1. hatching serama eggs 2. coop flooring

Debra Aberbom

In the Brooder
6 Years
Nov 26, 2013
Hello everyone,

1. I have 14 serama eggs that were shipped to me. Wed. April 16 was day 21. Have had incubator trouble in the beginning of incubation and now nothing no pipping, movement. My question is how many more days after day 21 should I wait to see if any has survived and will hatch ?

2. I am converting my old grooming room into a chicken coop. It is warm and dry and very nice. Can be climent controled so like the area a lot. So my question is do I use kids play sand or clean construction sand ? and oh yeah, what exactly IS clean construction sand ?

OOPs, guess I had 3 questions. Any advice, input, help is greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much for your time.

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

God'd blessings,

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