2 RIR rosecomb bantam hens in North GA


13 Years
Jan 25, 2008
Blue Ridge GA
Hey all

I have 2 RIR hens that need a new home because of an ongoing project of mine I only have the hens without the roo He was being a fool when I was cleaning pens and 1 of my dobes got him I only have pix of the 1 cause the other wouldnt let me catch her She looks alot like this one This one is 2 years old and the other is about 1 1/2 years old They have just stopped laying cause of the weather but they lay good when they do Shipping is $55 which includes a new box and any unused shipping will be refunded I accept paypal at [email protected] Will also accept check or PO money order But payment will have to clear first before shipping I am hoping to ship these girls the first Monday after the auction ends Thanx all

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