2 roo 3 hen ratio safe for breeding pen?


Aug 13, 2008
Ellijay, GA
I am building some breeding pens and I need to keep them small and managable this year. I am thinking 4 x 2 coops for roosting with 4 x 15 yards. in this setup would two roos and three hens be ok? or would the roos kill each other. I could put just one roo in, but then I don't knwo what to do with the other. unless I just let him perma free range. would that be better?

Any advice on setting up a small breeding program (for improving my flock and selling a few chicks) would be greatly appreciated!


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Pike Co., GA & Palm Beach Co., FL
Set up 2 pens, since you`re building. Put a roo & 2 hens in one and the pair in the other. I always single mate my breeding pens (1 on 1). That way you know which offspring came from which parents. Keep good records. I prefer wing bands to leg bands, but the important thing is banding and recording. Then you can select the best for the next mating. I can help with that if you get that far. PM me.

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