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    ....1..... lous-y.......... egg!! (to the tune of that holiday song)
    Even tho I have light in the coop, couple of the hens are still molting.

    No advice needed ......Just a story from my winter coop that I'd thought I'd share.

    Got my first flock this fall.... 5 hens, 1 rooster (very mellow guy) and 4 juveniles.
    One of the juvies turns out to be a rooster, spitting image of Sr. Rooster and just as mellow except for his adolescent running around.

    I know, I know.....too many roosters for 8 hens, but we shall see what we shall see, hatchet's ready if there's trouble.

    Jr. had surprisingly been roosting with the older birds for the last month or so (I have 2 separate but equal height roosts). I was surprised but glad he wasn't run off, he was even kind of snuggled with one of the hens.

    Juvies have been filling out their feathers, they look marvelous!
    No eggs yet tho, pullets haven't reddened up yet.

    Just the other morning I swore I heard more crowing than usual...but wasn't sure. Finally I spied Jr. in the run crowing and could hear Sr. in the coop crowing. I thought UtOh...better watch for any fighting.

    This morning I was greatly amused to witness first hand and in person both roosters crowing up a storm in the coop when I went to feed. It was really rather funny, Sr. and Jr. not only look almost identical but they sound almost identical too...same 3 syllable cadence, Cock-A-Doooo...tho Sr. is a bit deeper in tone.

    So, one goes off, then the other, then one, then the other.... several times, like a tag team.
    Then they harmonize, crowing perfectly together ....twice in a row!! It just really made me smile.

    .......and I have noticed that Jr. is now roosting with the pullets again. Will be very curious to see if they form 2 little flocks. Both roosters are very mellow in temperament. Sr. has just barley rushed at Jr. once that I've seen and the whole flock seems to get along rather well. Like I said only time will tell, as Jr. hasn't tried mounting yet that I've seen, tho I did see him dancing at a pullet.
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    Cute, you have a rooster choir in the making. The flock interactions are always interesting with who winds up with who.
  3. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
    My Coop
    Yeah, not really going to work out.

    With a total flock of 10 of mixed ages confined to decent sized coop and run, but no free ranging, there wasn't any real fighting per se, surprised that Sr Roo didn't put Jr in his place other than a tiny bit of chasing off.

    But Jr was interfering with a congenial flock flow, chasing the hens and pullets, stalking the pop door. After watching Jr stalk a laying hen on the nest roost and try to nail her as she emerged from the nest....
    ..... that was that, he got segregated (coop is partitioned with chicken wire) and is slated for dinner.

    Everyone else is much more content now, getting more eggs, everyone is scratching around and roosting together and Sr. is gently breaking in the pullets who are very close to laying. I was expecting but still surprised at how much this changed flock dynamic.
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    Well, at least you gave it a try.

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