2 roosters, how will this work?


9 Years
Apr 9, 2010
OK so my chicks are all finally in the coop and mostly together, The 3 younger chicks(1 rir roo and 2 EEr's) are almost 5 weeks and seem to stay together while they free range and are hanging in the nesting boxes while in the coop, the older ones dont pick on them much but occasionally run them off-The older 6(I rehomed one amberlink roo) pretty much stick together too, the other amberlink roo will occassionally come check out the littler ones, and sometimes they all free range together-and sometimes we find them roosting together,older ones being 8-10weeks old.
Will these roos eventually fight or are they ok..they are all in the same coop. Do I need to rehome one of the others or will they remain 2 seperate flocks within one?? Im still a newb and not 100% sure how this all works lol but dont want them to fight..any advice??
Will depend on how much room they have during the day. We have had as many as 7 full grown roo's in the same large pen, 40 x 60, and didn't have any problems. But will depend a lot on the temperament of the roos. It will also depend on how many girls are out with them. The more girls the better. 10 to 12 at least per roo.
Since your roosters are growing up together, you probably won't have any problems. However, when they hit puberty, your nice little roosters could be like Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, especially your RIR. I personally love RIR's and have only had one difficult rooster and he was a banty (his name was Diablo).

I think because your chickens are free-ranging, they will be fine. You might want to keep in mind that it is recommended 8-10 hens per rooster.

I have 3 roosters, 1 RIR, and 2 little modern games, with 25 hens. My chickens are not free-ranging (I live in the desert with a lot of predators), but they are in an enclosed stable and have a lot of room to move around. My hens fight more than my roosters do. The roosters are too busy keeping the girls in line to bother with each other, I think. lol

You'll just have to keep an eye on them. Around 8-12 months, depending on the breed, is when you might find their personalities changing, but I think you'll be ok.

Good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of chickens!

Thanks for the replies, I can just tell our RIR will be a troublemakler lol, we only have a total of 7 girls.I guess I will just give them a good life for as long as I can and if need me rehome/cull if they do eventually fight...We arent even 100% sure the amberlink is a rooo lol, still waiting for a crow or egg
Thank you for all the advice!!
You'll be fine. And if one gets hurt put him in a separate cage inside the coop and leave him in until he's better. Since he's in their coop still they'll get used to him and when you let him out he'll be fine.
My experience with roosters: When I first bought my chicks I ended up with 5 roosters, and i had 10 hens. so I ended up rehoming 3 as they were acting aggressive and fighting. The two I kept were fine and friendly. Well this year the one turned aggressive and started coming after you when you came in the pen, and they were fighting. So i found him a new home. I loved him but I didnt want to have an aggresive rooster where I couldnt come in the pen without worrying about him, especially with kids going in the pen. Now my flock is peaceful.... Its really nice. I have new chicks too
Thanks : ) Definetly cant tolerate any aggression because my almost 4 year old is the primary chicken care taker and loves his girls(and they truly are great about letting him carry them around). Its funny because in the beggining I wanted NO roosters, ended up with 3 and only wanted to keep one of the amberlinks, but since they moved out of the brooder and into the coop the RIR roo is much better, not nearly as hyper lol- and the amberlink is seriously sweet,Just gonna see how it goes!!
Yes. My first 3 started showing aggression at 6months. The last one just recently at 1 yr old. He use to be the sweetest rooster in the flock. The one I kept use to be a fiesty brat (hence his name Fiesty) when he was little now he is soo sweet and doesnt care about anything... Its strange how they change

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